Michelle E. Story, DMD - Enhancing Life One Smile at a Time
Our Services Include:
Regular Checkups
Digital X-Rays
Tooth Whitening
Laser Cavity Detector
Tooth Colored Fillings
Basic Crowns


Regular Checkups:
Having your oral status checked regularly helps detect problems at a much earlier stage. This includes cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. We will help you set up an interval that best meets your needs.

Digital X-Rays:
Digital x-rays provide a wonderful look into the areas of the teeth we cannot see with the naked eye. Digital x-rays allow for less radiation, and a more detailed picture can be obtained.

Sealants are a protective coating placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth to prevent cavities from developing in the narrow grooves which are difficult to clean. Sealants are recommended most often for children as their molars are erupting. The sooner a tooth is protected once it erupts into the mouth, the better chance we have of preventing a cavity.

Many adults grind their teeth at night which causes destruction and breakage of teeth and fillings. A nightguard is recommended to help prevent destruction from occurring while sleeping.


Invisalign is the newest way to straighten your teeth without traditional braces. Clear aligners are used to move teeth. They are removable, virtually invisible, and more comfortable than traditional braces. Dr. Story has been certified to provide Invisalign treatment.

Veneers are a thin material that covers the front of a tooth to change its color or shape.  Veneers can be done in the office using a material that can be sculpted directly by the dentist on the tooth or can be created by a lab using a material that looks like porcelain. 

Crowns, also called caps, cover the entire tooth to protect the tooth and to help improve the color and shape of the tooth. Crowns come in many different varieties, with the no metal crowns being the most popular to make a smile look like new. With the materials now available, teeth can be restored to look very natural.

Tooth Whitening:
The easiest way to make yourself look younger is to whiten your teeth.  It is a simple procedure that can be accomplished many ways. From simple over the counter products, to in-office ZOOM™ Whitening there is surely a method that will work for you.


Laser Cavity Detector:
Detecting cavities in their earliest stages allows for a much easier procedure for restoring teeth. Less tooth structure is removed and the new tooth colored filling is barely detectable. A painless laser light is placed on your tooth and a number is provided which tells the dentist what the likelihood is that a cavity is present. Sometimes these cavities are penetrating into the inner tooth structure with no visible signs. This laser tool can detect these cavities before they do significant damage.

Tooth Colored Fillings:
Dr. Story does not place the old style dark, mercury fillings. The current materials are strong and look like tooth structure, thereby making your new fillings match your teeth much better. 

Basic Crowns:
Sometimes a tooth is broken down so much that it is not possible for a filling alone to protect the tooth. A crown, also called a “cap”,  is a protective covering that will help to stabilize a tooth and help prevent it from breaking down further.  Many types of crowns are available from all gold, to the newer all ceramic crowns.

Implants have been in use for many years.  Over that time, they have been improved so much that the success rate is over 95 percent.  Missing teeth now have another option besides dentures and bridges.  With implants, the surrounding teeth are preserved and you can brush and floss your implant teeth just like the rest of your natural teeth.